Grade & VFX Finishing for Carl Prechezer’s Dead Good

We are excited to be part of award-winning writer/director Carl Prechezer’s “Dead Good”, a project which is creative in its look and storytelling approach as well as innovative in its embrace of the modern format of digital distribution. DOP Cliff Evans and Steadicam operator George Simpson, shot the sizzle on the Arri Amira in log colour, and our colourist, Jon Davey created a stunning black and white grade to match the director’s vision of a classic, filmic look.

DeadGood_Stage - grade and vfx finishing

Carl originally conceived Dead Good as a short film, but it appears destined to take on an (after)life of its own in the form of 13 episodes. It features a host of talent including up-and-coming young actress Amelie Hurley and the dancer/magician known as Magical Bones. The sizzle film premiered on Halloween and set the stage for a development partner to commission the full series. Free from dialogue, yet full of action and emotion, this innovative project is a fun and heart-warming story with an unexpected underdog hero, a hip-hop dancing Grim Reaper.

DeadGood_hand - grade and vfx finishing

DeadGood_judges - grade and vfx finishing

For more about the project, visit the website

The YouTube link features the trailer and the full sizzle,

The sizzle is available on demand via Vimeo

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