German Transcreation, Localisation and Versioning for Spring Studios and John Frieda

Spring Studios engaged LEAP in the transcreation of four campaigns for their client, John Frieda, across key product ranges – Deep Sea Hydration, PROfiller+, Go Blonder and Frizz Ease Dream Curls. Spring Studios had worked with LEAP in the past and knew they could trust our integrated production teams to provide localisation and versioning services for their client’s new product development (NPD) campaign.

Working closely with the agency’s account managers and project directors, LEAP’s Language and Culture team worked on script transcreation and arranging the German voiceover. Spring Studios provided the English language scripts for the various durations of the ad, and we selected our transcreation team, including a specialist creative copywriter based in Germany.

Because German expressions can often take longer to say than their English equivalents, we provided a few script variations in different lengths. This would allow the client greater choice and flexibility when it became time to select the best lines as delivered in the voiceover recordings. With some of the ads clocking in at just six seconds long and all the localised audio needing to fit perfectly with the timings of the master video content, we needed to make sure that both the sound and phrasing of the lines would be consistent with the brand’s tone of voice. And although transcreated options were provided for the end tagline, the clients chose to retain the English phrase, “It’s for me,” to match their previous campaigns.

John Frieda PROfiller+ German packshot, 3 haircare products

The client was keen to use a specific German-speaking voiceover artist who had been the brand’s voice in the past – a popular VO artist known for her work in commercials, audio books as well as film and TV character dubbing. The project would span the Christmas period, so we took care of setting up the voiceover sessions with recording studios, first in Berlin and later in Mexico, to be able to best align the availability of all the required participants within the production schedule. We enlisted one of our VO directors to make sure the delivery style and emphasis would be correct, on brand and in line with the client brief. Our Transcreation Account manager dialled in, alongside the Spring team, to attend the recordings, helping to ensure a smooth-running experience for agency and client attendees.

With the voiceover stage complete, our post-production team took care of the next phase of the project. Our editors laid-back the German language audio track to the master creative video, online edited the ad to include localised text supers and correct logo graphics. We also applied the VO to the Spring supplied edits in the various aspect ratios and durations required for the online and social media platforms. Our transcreation account managers remained on hand to provide language checks and quality assurance for the localised campaign elements.

Finally, the post-production team performed the technical QC and delivery of the two fifteen-second TV commercials to the international broadcast playout partner and the 36 online versions according to the media plan.

LEAP has a proud history of working on beauty sector campaigns, but this was our first collaboration with John Frieda in partnership with Spring Studios. We were delighted to receive positive feedback from the project director,

I’d like to say a big thanks for all your help on this project and the client is very happy.

We look forward to working with the team again to deliver impactful localised campaigns.

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