First Ad Round-up of the Year

Specsavers x Basil Fawlty

First on the list is a funny little number from Specsavers’ very own creative department. John Cleese helped the team with script writing for Basil’s vision impared melt down. You can watch John’s interview about the adverts finer details, like finding a branch with a high funny factor. Nice creative from an in-house team, we look forward to more of this in 2016.

Lynx – Find your magic campaign

In their first global advertising campaign for Lynx, 72andSunny Amsterdam have given a heads-up to diversity in the ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign. The subject of diversity in advertising has been a hot topic over the past year, and it’s campaigns like this that will begin paving the way for positive change.

Playful Promises – The Product of a Mysterious Mind

This clever campaign by Publicis London for lingerie brand Playful Promises uses simple graphics that are suggestive of our most, erm, should we say private areas? Playful Promises succeed in getting our -literary juices flowing by coupling clever design along with excerpts from famous works of literature like Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park.

Playful Promises 'The Product of a Mischievous Mind'

Uber – What Happens When You Make London Wait.

Before Christmas Uber joined forces with Creature Creative in a bid to combat TFL’s 5 minute wait proposition. The funny, and at times awkward campaign shows us how frustrating waiting those 5 extra minutes could really be.

Sorry to break it to you, they aren’t real drivers.

Vittel x David Bowie

After the death of the most iconic performer in a lifetime, how could we not include our favourite Bowie ad. This spot by Ogilvy Paris is a fantastic showcase of Bowie’s many personas, it’s pretty clear to see the allure he has for any brand, even if it is just water.

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