Creating Engagement Tools for Energy Sector Recruitment

“Digital minds will fuel the future. Be a part of it.” This is the enticing call to action that our employer branding team created as part of their social media campaign for energy industry recruitment specialists Petroplan.

Changing business models and the introduction of digital technologies in the industry have created a demand for digital and technical talent. Petroplan commissioned us to better enable them to engage with millennials and thereby recruit more digital and IT specialists for their clients in the oil, gas and energy sectors.

We provided a design refresh to their image-led social media platforms which would be consistent with the new digital recruitment campaign. They created messaging and social assets to tell the target audience: now is the time to join the industry and make a difference to the future of how we generate energy.

The campaign launched in February 2018 and you can engage with it via Petroplan’s social media channels and the hashtag #digitalenergy.

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