From Employer Branding to #Exaqueowear

Christmas is a time for giving presents to friends and family as well as to charity, so it’s great when you can combine the two. Our employer branding team collaborated with US-based consultancy exaqueo to produce a range of slogan clothing called exaqueowear, sales of which benefit youth charity Junior Achievement Worldwide.

Our employer branding team and exaqueo often collaborate to develop websites, brand films, handbooks and other materials supporting companies with recruitment programmes or employee benefits and engagement communications. The exaqeuowear project was a great way to express the language of employer branding and general work-life in service of a charity that provides young people with hands-on experiences to boost their work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literary skills.

The slogans and graphics express a range of funny and relatable sentiments. For colleagues about to go onto maternity or paternity leave, you can gift them a baby-grow that states ‘Brand New Here’, or ‘When I grow up, I want to work from home’. You might want your own racerback for Yoga that says, ‘Own Your Balance’ or a hoodie that declares, ‘I’m in Airplane Mode’.

In our globally interconnected workplaces, how often have we heard the recording ‘The leader has not yet joined the conference call’? Been there, done that? Well, now, you can buy the T-shirt.

exaqueowear Slogan T-shirt The leader has not yet joined the conference call exaqueowear airplane mode slogan hoodie

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