LEAP e-Commerce Copy Origination is a Triumph

When Triumph, the lingerie brand with 136 years of history, wanted to attract and grow a new customer base they embarked on a Tone of Voice Rebrand. As a leading retail brand with dozens of international e-commerce websites, they needed to roll out their new TOV on a global scale. This meant reworking existing product descriptions as well as creating new ones in time for the upcoming retail fashion season. It would be a huge undertaking, so they turned to LEAP’s Language and Culture team to set things on the right track.

Our mission for Triumph would be content origination in English for multiple regions across the globe. The brand recognised the need for several English language variations to maximise effectiveness in local markets. Triumph needed our copywriters to optimise their content by reflecting the cultural nuances among English speaking audiences who would be accessing geo-targeted e-commerce websites.

Triumph black swimsuit with product description ecommerce copy

To deliver the best results for our client, LEAP Language and Culture stringently vetted specialist digital ecommerce copywriters to bring together a dedicated team. Our Transcreation account managers provided centralised management and client liaison services to coordinate work on the vast catalogue of product descriptions for Triumph’s retail websites.

Each piece of copy needed to appeal to the new target audience demographics in multiple regions through their refreshed brand tone of voice. Plus, every element also had to fit within the technical constraints of character counts, formatting and coding to seamlessly feed into the site’s content management system. LEAP’s smooth-running workflow and quality assurance guaranteed compatibility with the brand’s e-commerce functionality.

Triumph topaz beachwear pareo with product description ecommerce copy

In summer 2022, the first of our refreshed product descriptions went live across Triumph’s English language websites for markets in Europe and Asia. Triumph then used our content as the creative master for all other language versions. Following the successful e-commerce website relaunches, Triumph recommissioned LEAP to work on their next season’s collection.

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