Delivering Across the Pond: Digital Studio and Production for the USA

LEAP serves as creative production partner for a wide range of advertising agencies, direct clients and major brands across the globe. Based in the heart of London, we provide production solutions for a whole host of international businesses – including those that hail from the USA.

John Virgo, our Head of Production, recently sat down to discuss LEAP’s ventures in the American market.

John Virgo

What type of client does LEAP typically work with?

We have a lot of specialist experience in the financial sector. Many of our clients in both the UK and US operate in investment management, banking, credit and lending, insurance, FinTech and financial reporting.

We work directly with companies, or via agencies specialising in these areas. We also support brands in the telecoms, travel, leisure, aviation and luxury sectors.

What kind of services does your team provide to your US clients?

The bulk of our workload is concentrated in Digital spheres – html5 banners, DOOH, or social channels. Additional related services include retouching, CGI and editing.

Our in-house Language and Culture team support with translation, transcreation and specialist language checks. That’s vital for clients running campaigns across Hispanic markets.

New York City skyline

How has LEAP’s work with US agencies and organisations grown over the years?

It first started when we were approached by one of our client’s New York Offices. If a client relocates, they feel confident recommending us to their peers, not to mention other companies that operate within their respective industries. Those endorsements ultimately mean more business.

Our adaptability also stands us in good stead. When contacts move into new roles or migrate to different regions, we handle any changes in production requirements, ensuring that they’re always prepared for new challenges. That makes our services highly desirable.

Why do you think working with LEAP is so appealing to your US clients?

We’re agile, accurate and efficient. Agency clients will often struggle to source the level of service that we offer in the US, especially when tight deadlines are involved. A recent client testimonial attested to this fact:

The team at LEAP are incredible to work with. We have often required rapid turnaround times for very complex tasks. We’re always met with a positive attitude, diligent quality and thoroughly organised communication. The team is extremely quick to respond and always available to talk. There is an unmatched level of trust working with LEAP. We’re grateful for their partnership.

Do time-zone differences present a challenge?

We embrace time-zone differences, utilising them to our advantage. For our East Coast clients, we have half a day’s head start; for those on the West Coast, we have eight hours lead time.

Clock London Canary Wharf Financial district
What happens when there are urgent projects, or when a client needs to speak to a project manager?

Where required, we can work into the night – responding to most questions as and when they arise. Clients appreciate that they can speak directly with a dedicated project manager, bypassing the need for middlemen and/or assistants.

From the outset, we manage client expectations, so that everyone understands out of hours commitments and their associated cost implications.

What timescales/volumes are you working to?

From brief to delivery, the whole process usually takes about two weeks. Sometimes, we’ll handle multifaceted projects with lots of deliverables. One particularly high-volume project required 1,200!

How do you deal with international currencies and pricing?

We’ve worked extensively with overseas agencies and brands, so we know what to expect when it comes to commissions. Understanding these trends makes it easier to tailor our price tariffs to suit American clients.

We bundle the costs, explaining what’s included. We’re always upfront about additional rates.

Sometimes, our clients want to be invoiced in US dollars; other times, they prefer pounds sterling. We can accommodate whichever they choose. 

Money US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros

What do you like most about working with US clients?

We’ve built a relationship of trust with our clients. We’ve come to know some as friends.

Recently, one of our US client teams travelled to London for a company event. They didn’t have a lot of free time, but we were able to meet up for a traditional pub lunch. We’d been working amidst lockdowns and travel restrictions, so this was the first time that we got to meet in person. Everyone had such a brilliant time!

people at pub cheers with beer glasses

If someone wanted to find out more, what should they do?

They can send an email to our client services team or use the Meeting Request Form.

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