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Employer Brand Gives Back #EBGivesBack

exaqueo are employer brand consultants who transform how organisations find and retain the best people for their business.

For the holiday season, exaqueo wanted to create a digital storybook celebrating individuals within their clients’ businesses who regularly volunteer to share how they are making an impact in their workplace and within their communities.


As their dedicated creative partner, we have given digital life to exaqueo’s strategies at every stage of the recruitment and employee lifecycle. The Employer Brand Gives Back storybook offered an exciting opportunity to showcase employer brand values in action.

With exaqueo, we created an inspiring book featuring dedicated volunteers from numerous exaqueo clients, whose varied activities include bake sale fundraisers for hurricane victims, mentoring programmes for disadvantaged children and national park clean-ups. Each story is a testament to the individual’s compassion and also reflects a healthy company culture of volunteerism and community spirit.

Susan LaMotte, exaqueo founder and CEO: “The value of altruism to your employer brand is tremendous. Candidates and employees want to know their employers’ values, support and promote opportunities to give back. By highlighting employees who give back to their communities, employers reflect a positive light on their organisations as well.


Inspiring stories are accompanied by practical tips for elevating employer brands through a commitment to volunteering. The creativity on show within the storybook makes clear that the best brand ambassadors are those who are enabled to give freely and be their best selves.

The full digital storybook was made openly available and was accompanied by a social media campaign encouraging people to share their own experiences of giving back.

During the holiday season, when people are mindful of all they have to be thankful for, the EB Gives Back storybook offered an inspiring glimpse into how living brand values can benefit teams, employers, and their communities.

If you’re interested in developing employer brand values that release creativity and empower your team, let’s talk.

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