Dependable digital campaign design and build for Gravis

Gravis are an investment company who create and manage funds that provide steady, dependable growth. Their UK Infrastructure Fund (UK INFRA FUND) was approaching its third year, which is an industry milestone for demonstrating a fund’s credibility. Gravis wanted to mark this occasion and raise further awareness with a digital campaign. They commissioned LEAP’s digital design team to create a series of banner ads which would show potential investors that in a volatile market, the Gravis UK INFRA FUND has a proven track record of steady growth and reliable returns.

digital design banner ads for gravis infra - buildings and tortoise

The LEAP team devised four different creative concepts for the campaign to communicate the selling point of the fund. All concepts were narratively-driven digital banners built with HTML5. They feature the brand’s endearing mascot, the Galapagos tortoise interacting with different environments as well as relevant income information, legally required captions and a clickable call to action.

digital design banner ads for gravis infra - income

A crucial requirement for the project designers was to ensure that the creative concepts and textual information would pass the necessary legal approval stages for the highly-regulated financial services industry. A second challenge was to ensure that the designs could be rapidly updated in the new year with the arrival of the fund’s latest growth percentages. Our digital designers were able to address these issues and successfully delivered the animated content. Gravis announced the launch of the advertising campaign with great pride across their social media channels.

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