Crowdfunding Video Helps Daisy Green Smash Investment Targets

LEAP’s video for Daisy Green helped the Antipodean food culture brand raise £2.6 million of Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) crowdfunding on Seedrs. The impressive result meant they surpassed their initial target five times over in just two weeks and expect to be able to exceed their £5m EBITDA business plan target.

This is our third incredibly successful crowdfunding video for Daisy Green. Our first film for Daisy Green helped them rank within the top three fastest bond investments on the Crowdcube platform. Our second crowdfunding film helped Daisy Green pass the £1 million mark in two days.

Daisy Green Crowdfunding video beer stein toasts

The powerful, engaging brand story and vision could not have been achieved through any other medium than video. Which is why, from the beginning, it was considered one of the main factors in achieving Daisy Green’s great success in attracting investors within such a short time frame. While elsewhere much talk about the hospitality sector strikes an anxious tone, Daisy Green co-founder Prue Freeman enthuses about their brand’s record-sales levels post lockdown, Londoners’ embrace of Aussie hospitality, and their business’s extension into lifestyle verticals.

Daisy Green Crowdfunding video Prue Freeman

LEAP’s production team worked closely with Prue and her team to film at some of their 11 fabulously unique Central London locations including their iconic Sir Peter Blake designed canal boat, the World Number One Brunch spot, Scarlett Green in Soho and their newest restaurant in Paddington, Bondi Green. As video production partners for all three of their crowdfunding films, LEAP had a strong understanding of how best to capture the look and feel of the brand and make the most of filming opportunities with Daisy Green’s busy co-founder.

Our post-production team wove together the lively dining scenes, images of mouth-watering food and drink and shots of vibrant artwork along with Prue’s pieces to camera. Our motion graphics editors added informative text and created graphics to elegantly convey essential information for prospective investors.

In less than a day of launching on Seedrs, Daisy Green’s pitch achieved nearly double their target for investment, winning back prior shareholders and attracting new investors. We are thrilled that our crowdfunding film could help Daisy Green grow support for their thriving business.

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