Cross media campaign production with dual targeting extends audience reach for Clarins Double Serum Light

LEAP has served Clarins as their integrated advertising production services partner for more than a decade. Their recent cross media campaign for Double Serum Light extended across BVOD, social, OOH and press. Unlike previous campaigns, the strategy for Spring 2023 would need to take advantage of new research and extend marketing appeal to a broader target audience.

Clarins have found that men are increasingly interested in using their Double Serum product line. Keen to grow their customer base, the premium skincare brand tasked LEAP with producing a special set of social media assets to speak to a male audience in the UK. This would be in addition to clearing, adapting, versioning and delivering the client’s master creative for the UK market targeting female audiences.

Early on in our longstanding production partnership, LEAP’s Beauty Account Directors first started taking care of voiceover artist casting, usage negotiations and organising recording/mixing sessions to give Clarins a British female voice to represent the brand in the UK market. Recently, we were able to provide the same services to introduce a British male voice for the Double Serum Light campaign.

With the main voiceovers and script cutdown recordings complete, our producers set up client-attended video editing and audio layback sessions to create the UK masters. Our editors then adapted them for the different aspect ratios and durations required by the media plan, delivering 58 versions alongside copy rotation instructions to the various media owners and broadcast playout partners.

To smooth the route to broadcast and distribution, our Beauty Account Directors organised a special consultation with a scientist and Clearcast representative. This would facilitate the substantiation phase of the clearance process. UK advertising regulations require advertisers to provide evidence for product effectiveness to back any claims asserted by their ads. This can be a time-consuming process, but LEAP’s help improved efficiencies.

In addition to the BVOD and online digital/social aspect of the multiplatform campaign, LEAP’s studio created files for Clarins’ extensive out of home push which covered mall, rail and roadside D6s formats. Our team delivered each within the required technical specifications to the media owners.

Clarins Double Serum Light press ad. Product pump surrounded by serum bubbles

Our reprographics experts also created the UK press master. Our colour management experts ensured master and client colour proofs matched precisely. This was particularly important due to the ad’s prominent placement on the outside back cover of Women’s Health magazine.

Learn more about LEAP’s fully account-managed advertising production services in our introductory video.

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