Creativity Delivered: taking you through our fully account-managed play-out process

The LEAP motto is Creativity Delivered, and to illustrate what that means when our clients need their commercials adapted and delivered, we have created a short film to highlight the key elements of our fully account-managed playout process.

We jump through all of the hoops of the clearance process on behalf of our clients. We clear commercials for TV, radio, digital, OOH, VOD, sponsorship and cinema platforms in the UK and internationally. We even take care of the administrative work required to obtain child licenses for young performers.

Our adaptation and versioning services include translation and transcreation of scripts, taking care of subtitles, as well as sourcing and negotiating usage for voice-over talent. We ensure our clients get the best deal for the best voice to present their message in any language, for all local markets. Our creative producers provide international language direction as well as English VO direction and our in-house audio facilities enable the recording and mixing of sound to picture.


We perform technical quality control checks and create master files to meet the specifications of broadcasters. Our skilled post-production operators and well-equipped suites enable us to make further changes to meet the creative or regulatory requirements for local markets, whether that involves sensitively editing the original content or providing VFX fixes such as retouching, creating CGI and compositing replacement imagery.

Once commercials are ready to air, we can liaise with your media agency to ensure the smooth distribution of copy rotation instructions to broadcasters. We send the final approved assets to broadcasters globally and provide confirmation that masters reached their intended destinations.

In short, we do it all, and under one roof. All the while, a team of dedicated account managers ensure that the process runs smoothly so we can provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from a well-managed playout process.

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