Creative Services Spotlight: An Introduction to our Language and Culture Services

LEAP provides integrated production services across every marketing and advertising platform. Our Language and Culture team specialises in multi-market, multi-channel campaigns, so they work closely with all of our integrated production teams to consistently deliver locally-impactful messaging around the world.

In our video, Languages Services Director Vandana Pankhania introduces our Language and Culture services. She explains how we work to deliver the highest quality content for all of our clients by focussing on two main areas: the client’s brief and ensuring that the content we develop for local markets is as culturally relevant as it can possibly be. Part of what makes this possible is our ethos and approach to each project we undertake — Think Culture First.

While most of the campaigns that our Language and Culture team work on are intended for use in international markets, advertising which is created in the UK and intended for a national audience can also benefit from our cultural consultation services. Vandana explains that our goal is to help make the target audience feel as valued as possible.

Advertising agencies and brands may spend years developing campaign messaging, so we know how important it is for clients to be able to trust our expertise. Our highly selective vetting process ensures that we can choose from our 3,500-strong global network to provide the best available talent for each project.

AXA-XL Catlin prints multi-language OOH campaign

We understand that effective marketing is time-sensitive and that collaborative work on international campaigns often crosses time zones. Vandana explains in our video how our centralised Language Project Management team is able to customise workflows and collaborate closely with all of our service areas to provide a streamlined process which best suits our clients’ needs.

For more information about specific services, our Language and Culture page provides a detailed list and descriptions. Find out about cultural consultation, creative content creation, translation, transcreation, localisation, as well as the production of subtitles, voiceovers and how we take care of the technical and administrative details, such as licencing and compliance through our efficient management and approvals process.

Our video shows a brief glimpse of projects such as Slack, and you can check for updates on our news page for the latest work, press releases, and thought pieces as well as an archive of other great language and culture stories. You can also review our case studies for key examples of our language and culture work for agencies and brands.

Speak with our client services team to discuss your next project and find out how our Language and Culture services can add value to every aspect of your global campaign journey.


Meeting with Language Services Director Vandana Pankhania, Producer Tony Chamberlain and Transcreation Account Manager Virginia Álvarez

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