Creative Services Spotlight: Digital Marketing Production

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There’s a lot more to a digital banner ad than meets the eye.

In this Creative Services Spotlight, we take a look at how our production studio creates and delivers effective digital marketing campaigns for our clients, and we highlight the particular advantages of choosing LEAP as a production partner.

Beginning the digital production process

At the start of a project, a LEAP project manager engages with the client to discuss the brief, deadlines and budget. Our clients include creative agencies, media agencies and direct brands. Often, we will work with marketers, producers and creatives from an agency as well as their end client. For example, LEAP worked in partnership with media agency, Total Media and British Lion Eggs on a Pride-themed campaign that tied into the brand’s website and social channels.

We might begin by obtaining a storyboard, a selection of imagery and/or video content and written copy as well as supplemental materials such as brand guidelines. Alternatively, we may be asked to design or adapt a digital marketing campaign using the creative assets produced by our Film and Post team, graphic designers, artists or animators. Some project examples involving LEAP’s original creative production through to digital design, build and delivery include our work for Tetley Herbals, Tetley Super Teas and investment company, Gravis.

Digital campaign copy may also be written or transcreated by specialist copywriters from our Language and Culture team. This was the case for our work on the AXA XL Catlin global campaign as well as our localisation work for asset management company, Vanguard.

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Delivering Quality

LEAP project managers liaise with media agencies and publishers to confirm technical specifications and preferred delivery methods. They then organise LEAP’s artworkers, retouchers, proofreaders and developers to set production in motion. Throughout the process, project managers keep clients informed of progress and facilitate feedback and approvals.

LEAP project managers also provide quality assurance to ensure that digital marketing materials are built to the correct technical specifications and formats. They check that when the campaign files are third-party ad-served to the media companies and publishers, everything will work correctly on multiple browsers and devices, whether the audience is viewing the campaign from their mobile, tablet or their desktop computer.

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The LEAP Difference

Some digital production companies use automated systems to create banner ads and other digital marketing materials, but LEAP takes the more careful hand-built approach. At the most basic level, hand-coding gives us greater control of how we build digital marketing assets which leads to fewer problems at the QC and delivery stage. Greater care and attention during the build avoids the stressful and potentially costly risk of disruption to the media schedule caused by automation problems that remain hidden until delivery.

Moreover, some media publishers cannot handle video formats due to the technical constraints of many hosting sites. For these cases, hand-coding is an absolute must. LEAP’s senior developers use HTML5 hand-coding to animate and create the seamless transition of imagery and text which helps our clients work around any limitations. This allows us to create and deliver great looking content that works elegantly across a wide range of sites and ensures clients will get the most from their media plan.

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The Added Benefits of LEAP’s Integrated Production Services

The advantage of working with an integrated advertising production agency such as LEAP is that LEAP can handle multiple elements of international, multichannel marketing campaigns under one (virtual) roof. To make life easier, LEAP provides our clients with a dedicated account manager who the client can trust to support and advise them throughout the full process.

For Epson’s campaigns in their Middle East consumer markets, LEAP created, adapted and delivered nearly 100 assets to meet media plan bookings. We also handled updates and versioning of the original creative for subsequent campaigns. Our coordination across multiple LEAP teams also eased the process of localisation for Slack’s international multichannel campaign. Other companies, particularly those in the finance sector use our studios not only for advertising production, but also for regularly updated document production as well as managed print services on a global scale.

LEAP’s digital marketing expertise, care and integration with our broad range of production services delivers great work and peace of mind for our clients.

Speak with our client services team to discuss the requirements of your next digital campaign.

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