Creative Services Spotlight: Bringing social media campaigns to life

Providing integrated production services is the core of what we do at LEAP. Our clients rely on us to manage their campaign requirements across every imaginable advertising platform. Many marketing departments and media buyers are in particular need of a production partner to create or adapt content for social media channels. So, this creative services spotlight shines on the work we do to bring social media campaigns to life.

From the earliest viral videos to the latest social media marketing campaigns, LEAP has a proven track record in social media video content creation and adaptation. We provide a fully account-managed, full-service production and post-production solution.


As the trusted creative services provider to global brand conglomerates such as Clarins and LVMH as well as their media agencies, we are experts in re-editing existing master creative to fit the specifications of multi-channel campaigns. We help brands reach a wider audience via YouTube pre-rolls, Meta video, canvas and carousel ads as well as organic content. Plus, we create content for TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. We even help TikTok reach their international audiences with our transcreation services.

This is a natural extension of our versioning work for broadcast and VOD as well as our handling of rich media online ads and digital OOH campaigns.



We are also original content creators, providing initial conceptual treatments through to filming, motion graphics editing and delivery. We have specialist expertise in content creation for hospitality brands like wagamama, producing video assets which maximise usage and value across digital OOH and in-store displays as well as social media. We can provide a professional finish or the feel of user-generated content, but with the assurances of on-brand messaging.


Our independent status allows for greater flexibility in forming creative partnerships. We may work directly with brands like Wasabi or in conjunction with PR agencies like Splendid Communications for Byron Hamburgers. We can also support creative agencies such as Y&R for Oxfam’s Online Shop and AnalogFolk for Lucozade.

Social media may be a relative newcomer to the marketing mix, but with more than 30 years of industry experience, LEAP is an indispensable part of any integrated advertising campaign.

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