Clarins Pop Up Shop

Christmas is a busy time for everybody. Cutting through the hustle and bustle to get your message heard is always more challenging at this time of year. That’s why Clarins approached us to help them share the news about their brand new pop-up shop in Marylebone. With a range of beautiful gift ideas for men and women, Christmas is the perfect time to introduce new fans to the Clarins range. We needed to work fast to get the word out through our most efficient, cost-effective channels.

Inspired by Clarins’ unique branding and beautiful shopfront, we remastered and colour proofed their eye-catching print design to serve as a press insert. We were then able to quickly distribute to three carefully-chosen local publications within our network.

The Christmas shopping rush has now begun in earnest and we’re excited to see what great results the season brings for Clarins. For now, though, this campaign stands as a great example of what can be achieved quickly and simply in a high-stakes selling period.


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