CGI Product Demo Video for FitFlop Trainer Launch

FitFlop were searching for a marketing production partner that could create a 3D CGI product demo video to help them launch their new range of trainers, the Vitamin FF. They discovered LEAP’s earlier product demo film for SEVEN FEET APART and got in touch to discuss their own brand’s requirements.

FitFlop needed to showcase the key characteristics of their new shoe – and there were many to note. The high-rebound, super flexible, featherweight sneaker has ergonomic arch support, ankle-hugging padding, a forward-propelling carbon-fibre plate, and breathable, engineered stretch knit uppers that come in a range of colours. Our product demo video would need to exemplify all of these qualities through the CGI modelling and animation of the shoe and its component parts. It would need to look true-to-life and convey the high level of comfort that the wearer would expect to feel.

Vitamin FF Fit Flop CGI product demo video Text super flexible

FitFlop provided their manufacturer’s basic CAD files to enable LEAP’s CGI team to utilise precise measurements for the product build. LEAP’s production team cut a shoe in half to be able to use the real components to help create a perfect photoreal match for everything, from the flex of the sole to the texture of the stretch knit threads. This allowed our CGI video to work in harmony with the live action product shots and photographs across FitFlop’s sales, marketing materials and their website.

LEAP’s producers worked closely with the brand marketing team to support them through the animation production process – storyboarding, wireframes, CGI build, textures, lighting, editing, colour grading, and all the review stages through to the final deliverables.

FitFlop’s marketing team and their founder loved our CGI product demo video and they look forward to coming back to LEAP for future projects.

Ask LEAP about CGI and video production services for your brand.

Vitamin FF Fit Flop CGI product demo video close up of FitFlop logo Vitamin FF Fit Flop CGI product demo video Text Take two daily.

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