CGI product demo film for innovative drinks brand WowHydrate

Following on from the pack shot photography and 3D renders that we produced for WowHydrate, the innovative drinks brand commissioned us to create a brand film that would showcase their push-cap system. WowHydrate needed a video demo sequence that would help customers differentiate their unique product from other soft drinks in the sports and energy category.

To fulfil the brief, LEAP created a CGI animated sequence using precise modelling with photoreal textures and rendering depicting the red push-button system as it infuses the water with electrolytes and flavour. Unlike other sports drinks which sit pre-mixed on the shelf, WowHydrate is activated by the customer at the moment of use.

To maximise appeal, our creative approach and animation techniques ensured that the demo sequence was in keeping with the style of a sports drink brand rather than that of a medical formula. Echoing the look and feel of the brand design, the strips of colour on the bottles animate like racing stripes to draw the viewer’s attention to the product and flavour varieties. An exploded view of the bottle shows the powdered ingredients releasing and mixing as it is shaken.

WowHydrate have shared the video on their social channels, and we were also able to render out super large key frame images of 14,000 pixels high for the brand to use on their point of sale displays.

WowHydrate product demo push-cap activation

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