Bouncing oranges delight audience and ad agency for Tropicana

LEAP’s film and post team created a series of successful CGI commercials for Tropicana featuring delightful bouncing oranges entering the product packaging. When the brand wanted to introduce their new 89-ounce, family-size pitcher for Pure Premium, their Canadian agency, Juniper Park commissioned LEAP to create a new, combined CGI and live action ad.

Tropicana Pure Premium was the first juice brand to have a 100% recyclable clear handle and flip top design, so our CGI oranges returned to the Florida orange grove setting of the original campaign to bounce into the new container. The challenge was to show 24 oranges entering the bottle within the same time frame as previous commercials, which had showed 16 oranges. The animation team worked to ensure the new commercial retained the energy and fun of the original campaign, before transitioning to a live-action sequence.

Tropicana also wanted to show the new pitcher being used in a real-world environment with a mother and child, so our production team organised a kitchen-based location shoot. Although we filmed in the UK, we made sure the scene would resonate with audiences in the North American market.

Agency producer Sharon Kosokowsky commended LEAP for the production process and successful commercial, “I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at LEAP. They were creative problem solvers, always willing to make things work, meet demanding deadlines and create a quality end product. It was a real pleasure working with the team”.

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