Direct Mail Marketing Innovation showcased in CGI Animation

How do you demonstrate the innovation and effectiveness of a direct mail campaign to a remote, online audience? Advertising agency Spark44 (now Accenture Song) needed to do this and more. Their creative and strategy teams wanted to wow ad industry judges, so they commissioned LEAP to create a video showcase for their tech-enabled mailer promoting the new Land Rover Defender.

Matt Statham, Creative Director said, “When creating high-end, tech-enabled mailers, it’s never easy to demonstrate the actual pack being interacted with, without it looking fussy. That’s when we turn to CGI animation and the very capable end-to-end services of LEAP”.

The mailer was designed around the new Defender’s impressive capability story – its ability to climb and descend 45° angles. Inviting prospective customers to ‘Live Life at 45°’, the direct mail pack was created at a 45° slant with each page changing orientation to allow the story to unfold at every turn. To communicate the interactive experience, LEAP’s CGI animation demonstrated the booklet’s unique page turns (and twists) as well as its tech connected dial.

Recipients who had rotated the dial 45° and pressed the button triggered a call back request from a Defender expert. Bespoke radio transmission technology allowed Land Rover retailers to deliver an immediate response to the customer. To complete the direct mail case study video, LEAP took the client’s attractive brand film footage and overlaid it with impressive statistics about the campaign’s success. The agency was also able to incorporate stills from LEAP’s CGI into their case study summary factsheet.

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