Hennessy x NBA – Clearing the way for a luxury alcohol brand partnership campaign

Luxury alcohol brand Hennessy wanted to launch their partnership campaign, Hennessy x NBA ‘Game Never Stops’ in time for the NBA playoffs. MHUK tasked LEAP with versioning, clearance and delivery of the BVOD, cinema and social ads for the British market. But first, we needed to overcome the hurdles of the UK’s strict regulations around the promotion of alcohol.

‘Game Never Stops’ featured international talent representing popular music, fashion and visual arts subcultures associated with the NBA including Masiwei, Kevin Couliau, Stephane Ashpool and AJ Tracey. LEAP and Hennessy sourced audience data to demonstrate that the featured artists did not primarily attract youth audiences, and our editors revised the master creative to ensure it would only show cast members who appeared to be over 25, safely above the legal drinking age.

LEAP worked closely with brand managers, media agency reps, cinema distributors and compliance organisations to successfully obtain clearance and meet tight delivery deadlines.

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