Bold and anarchic print for a creative audience

Grey London commissioned our specialist craft print team to bring to life their bold, anarchic and industry-disrupting design for the 2017 Creative Circle Annual. The design required a range of artisanal techniques and print treatments as well as individual hand-finishing to ensure that each of the limited run of 300 copies was unique. After the initial brief and concept discussions, we spent two months developing the feel, weight and textures that would enhance and complement the design.

The printing required slow and meticulous processes including silk screening to ensure bold and vibrant colour throughout, which we then matched by hand with metallic foiling. For the final assembly, we chose a traditional stitch binding process involving the use of hand-dyed thread which we preserved as a visible component of the overall design of the annual. The stunning results were met with universal acclaim from the UK creative industry and act as a wonderful showcase for brilliant design blended with innovative production techniques.

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