CGI Product Demo Video for FitFlop Vitamin FF Launch

To launch the Vitamin FF, FitFlop’s new range of trainers, the challenger footwear brand needed a 3D CGI demo video showcasing their product’s many impressive design features. The content would need to look true-to-life and convey the high level of comfort that the wearer would expect to feel.

LEAP’s production team used the manufacturer’s basic CAD files to obtain precise measurements for the CGI build. We even cut a shoe in half to closely inspect the real components and create a perfect photoreal match for each aspect, from the flex of the sole to the texture of the stretch knit threads.

LEAP’s producers worked closely with the brand marketing team to support them through the animation production process – storyboarding, wireframes, CGI build, textures, lighting, editing, colour grading and all the review stages through to the final deliverables. The result is a 3D CGI product video that works in harmony with the live action product shots and photographs across FitFlop’s sales, marketing and retail channels.

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