Launching the easyjet European frequent flyer programme

We worked with easyjet’s lead creative agency, Havas Helia to help the budget-fare airline attract high-value frequent flyers across six major European territories by creating a piece of first class, personalised communication for their direct marketing campaign. In contract with easyjet’s core low-cost brand proposition, we created materials that had the feel of an exclusive club programme to encourage user engagement and sign-up. Although we lined the inner envelope with the unmistakable easyjet orange, we selected a high quality, plain black envelope with a live stamp rather than a printed postage impression to create a premium feel and encourage high opening rates.

As part of the package, our print facility crafted a booklet using nine different processes including laser cutting, black gloss foiling and white customised ink printing on black matte material. A personalised letter from the easyjet CEO along with a named membership card completed the piece. We also managed mailing data and delivered over 250,000 packs across six countries in four languages. easyjet measured a response rate of nearly 90% which drastically exceeded expectations for the campaign’s ROI.

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