Bringing creative disruption to Duracell’s TV campaign

When Grey’s creative team had the idea for a disruptive advertising campaign, they enlisted LEAP to create the full film production and post of a ‘pastiche’ sports brand commercial in which the Duracell Bunny would make a surprise appearance.

Working closely with the agency and their partners, LEAP’s team coordinated pre-production and blocking out the Duracell Bunny scenes so that everything on our director’s storyboard would be achievable on the shoot day. Facing a tight production timeline, this also ensured the combined live-action and CGI commercial would be completed in post-production on time and on budget.

Filmed at dawn at the site of the London 2012 Olympics, the commercial has the hallmarks of a genuine sports brand advertisement. A training athlete prepares for action and starts her run. As she rounds a corner, the animated Duracell Bunny unexpectedly enters the scene to challenge her to a race.

The live-action, sports-style ad is the unexpected coda for a fully CGI spot in which the Duracell Bunny races a less effective competitor rabbit through a dangerous desert scene. To bring the ads together, LEAP directed sound design and voiceovers which provided the perfect blend of continuity and disruption to delight the target audience.

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