Delivering an effective personalisation campaign for Clarins Hydra-Essentiel

Prestige skincare brand Clarins wanted to raise brand awareness, drive footfall to their in-store counters and encourage digital audiences to search online for the new Hydra-Essentiel range. In addition to commissioning LEAP’s production services for press and digital video, Clarins and their media agency wanted to achieve more precise audience targeting with localised CTV and, for the first time, personalised dynamic digital audio. The multichannel campaign required the production and delivery of nearly 150 assets, each tailored to the unique specifications of the traditional and automated performance marketing platforms.

LEAP’s luxury account management coordinated our integrated production teams and liaised with brand, agency and playout platform partners to ensure a smooth-running process. Working closely with brand managers, we sourced a local market VO artist who would resonate with the target audience whilst working within the family of Clarins voices. Recording and premixing the main core scripts along with multiple additional lines, we enabled the automated decisioning engine to seamlessly combine elements into dynamic digital audio playouts. The personalised ads then tied-in with target audience demographics, location, time of day and even weather conditions.

For more than a decade, Clarins has trusted LEAP with multichannel marketing production. For the Hydra-Essentiel campaign, we continued to facilitate compliance, claims substantiation and clearance procedures alongside video localisation, adaptation and delivery for broadcast and online, as well as colour mastering, proofing and supplying press ads to publishers.

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