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Creative production partnership for Amigo TV Campaign

Amigo Loans’ previous advertising campaigns had featured a plasticine model and stop frame animation within a white studio space, so when the brand wanted to take the bold step of introducing their character to a real-word environment, they needed a team they could trust. Having developed a great working relationship on numerous TV commercials over the years, their agency Hot Cakes Creative partnered with LEAP Film and Post to co-create the new Amigo campaign.

LEAP provided a full-service solution for the creative agency and their client. Our team handled everything from pre-production including casting and location searches, through to direction and filming. Meanwhile our post production team took care of character R&D, 3D animation, VFX, editing and grade, as well as delivery for broadcast, online and print distribution.

In each of the two ads, the borrower actor takes a journey and is unwittingly saved from a hazard by the quick actions of their Amigo guardian. Our creatives worked hand-in-hand with our CG department to develop a fully rigged 3D character that was true to his original charm yet evolved to interact within the real-world settings. Once the shoot and CGI were complete, our VFX artists seamlessly blended Amigo into the live action, whilst our sound design team added the spot effects to further bring him to life.

The success of the initial commercials led to a series of adaptations, all with an extensive TVR frequency and reach.

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