Carlsberg Beer Glass Commercial

Owens DDB commissioned an additional commercial to introduce Carlsberg’s new glass for 2012. While our “Through the Ages” commercial shows the history of the perfect pint though a series of glasses, “New Glass 2012” features the refreshing lager pouring into the Carlsberg glass, highlighting the attractive design elements of the new pint.

We filmed our commercial using a high speed Phantom camera. Shooting at high speed allowed us to capture the beauty of the golden liquid as it poured from the tap along the contours of the glass, foaming and effervescing in delectable detail. As with our “Through the Ages” commercial, our final scene reveals the 2012 glass in full, triumphantly glowing against a black and green backdrop, much like the Carlsberg 2012 poster campaign.

Our editing and VFX team composited the glass into its ethereal setting and ensured that the Carlsberg branding looked as perfect as the beer itself. Our colourist took care of DI services and created a delicious colour grade in line with Carlsberg’s exacting standards. Sound design and music from our audio production partners helped position the new glass as fitting for a night out in a trendy pub or club.

This was the third of our series of commercials for Carlsberg airing in Ireland.

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