Creating a brand film for luxurious dental services

Dental Excellence Harewood, a multi-disciplined dental care centre and educational facility commissioned Loveurope and Partners (LEAP) to create a brand film which would represent the high-quality service they provide for their patients in their uniquely luxurious setting. Building on the look and feel of our work for Bentley, Pankhurst and CIMA as well as the stylised approach of our films for Remember a Charity, we provided a full-service, creative production and postproduction solution for Dental Excellence that would echo their motto, ‘life changing dentistry’.

Shot on location in the 18th Century Georgian Mansion Harewood House in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the film tells the story of a woman making a journey through the practice, meeting the smiling faces of other satisfied patients and then eventually meeting herself coming out with a bright smile. Our nimble crew used the specialist Genie rig to capture the motion control shot of our heroine meeting herself on the stairs. By thoughtfully integrating black-and-white shots and subtle split-screen effects into the colour grading and VFX, we were able to illustrate how excellent dental work can add colour and confidence to a patient’s whole life.

If you would like more information about creating a brand film, contact our film and post production producers.

split-screen-Dental_Excellence_Harewood_Brand_film House-Dental_Excellence_Harewood_Brand_film-1 Dental_Excellence_Harewood_Brand_film

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