Attracting New Consumers with Clarins Joli Rouge Relaunch

Reflecting a growing investment in their cosmetic lines, premium skincare brand Clarins wanted to attract new consumers with the relaunch of their refillable lipstick, Joli Rouge. They turned to LEAP, their integrated advertising production services partner, to localise and adapt their latest campaign for the UK market. To reach a demographic favouring online platforms over TV, the campaign’s focus would be digital and social channels.

Under the expert guidance of our dedicated Beauty Account Directors, LEAP’s highly experienced producers and post-production team worked with the client’s global master files to adapt and version content and fulfil the UK media plan requirements. This included several creative variations, durations and aspect ratio formats. LEAP took care of voiceover recording, sound mixing and usage negotiation, working with the British VO artist we had cast for earlier campaigns targeting a similar audience. We married sound and picture elements and obtained the seal of approval with client-attended video editing sessions. Finally, we handled the technical QC and delivery to media owners.

The ‘Not just a lipstick’ campaign emphasises the sensory product experience, natural ingredients and Clarins’ commitment to sustainable beauty. This is perhaps best embodied by the stylish refillable cases taking centre stage across the campaign.

Clarins Joli Rouge 3 lipsticks with text overlay 'Endlessly Refillable'

More than a marketing claim, however, Clarins is also a founding member of the Responsible Beauty Initiative, powered by EcoVadis. Working in harmony with our clients’ commitments to sustainability across their supply chains, LEAP is proud to have achieved and retained Silver Medal Sustainability Accreditation from EcoVadis.

LEAP’s integrated advertising production services partnership with Clarins began more than a decade ago. See more examples of our work with the prestige skincare brand and learn more about our fully account-managed advertising production services in this introductory video.

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