Attracting International Visitors with Tourism Transcreation

TripAdvisor works with regional tourist boards to produce branded experiences for visitors coming from other countries. They also create content tie-ins with brand owners to present product-focused branded promotions. Developing these partnerships is integral to TripAdvisor’s business model, so it is essential that they can showcase their clients in the best possible light across all markets. To meet this ongoing challenge, they needed a transcreation partner they could trust. TripAdvisor turned to LEAP’s Language and Culture team. We talked with LEAP’s Language and Culture experts to find out more.


What has LEAP been working on with TripAdvisor?

Our first project was to support the creation of a branded experience. We worked with TripAdvisor and their client London and Partners. They were building a branded online guide and social ads featuring London attractions. We provided transcreation from English into German and French.

Transcreating content about our home city sounds fun, how did you follow that up?

That successful collaboration led to a second project. This time we helped promote travel to Greece by providing copy transcreation into French, German and Italian. These appeared in banner ads, a microsite and a short video celebrating Greek food, culture and attractions.

TripAdvisor in German promoting Tourism to Greece. Group of people drinking wine over looking the sea

We also provided transcreation into Swiss French for TripAdvisor’s branded experience website hub in partnership with the German National Tourist Board to highlight the many UNESCO World Heritage cities.

TripAdvisor German Tourism in Swiss French smiling woman looking up with Unesco heritage site in background

For another project, we supported TripAdvisor and their client, the Moroccan National Tourist Office, to inspire travel to the ‘Kingdom of Light’. We created the copy in English and adapted it into four languages – German, Spanish, French, and Hebrew.

Morocco x TripAdvisor mosque sunset, spanish text

What kinds of challenges does the client face with these projects?

TripAdvisor are not only presenting themselves within their branded experiences, but they are also sharing the stage with their clients – London and Partners, the Greek National Tourism Organisation, the German National Tourist Board, and the Moroccan National Tourist Office.

International/cross-cultural campaign like our projects with TripAdvisor require high quality language adaptation which not only understands the tone of voice of the brands we’re working with but also the intended impact and nuance of how it will be received by audiences in the end market. We have to make sure the meaning, feeling and activations are clear, consistent and effective.

How is LEAP able to meet these challenges?

LEAP has a worldwide network of more than 4,500 local market experts and these include travel industry communications specialists. We have a rigorous selection policy which means we can provide the best talent to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

As well as securing top international talent, we also provide a centrally managed service. This means that when we’re working on a project that will be rolled out in more than one market, we can get transcreation input from multiple sources across the languages. We can then align brand messaging so that whether the campaign appears in French, German or Italian, there is consistency for all target audiences. At the same time that we are working on consistency, we’re also taking into consideration the cultural and linguistic nuances in each market.

Thank you a million times for the wonderful copies. The quality is excellent, and the suggestions are great. We are really happy and are looking forward to showing this to the client. I am confident they will really like what we have put in front of them.

It sounds like there are a lot of elements to juggle; how do you keep it together?

Our Transcreation Account managers are based in our London office, and they work closely with our clients and transcreation talent. We have a smooth-running workflow keeping the channels of communication flowing with back translations and rounds of feedback that lets us maximise quality assurance and give our clients the peace of mind that the transcreated copy will be accurate and effective.

What’s next for LEAP and TripAdvisor?

We’ve built up a strong reputation for effectiveness, consistency and reliability, and I’m pleased to say that our contacts within various TripAdvisor offices have been recommending our Language and Culture services to their colleagues in other regions. This has led to collaborations on a number of exciting branded experience campaigns. We are now proudly serving TripAdvisor hubs in Europe, USA and APAC as well as their Wanderlab studios.

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