Animating a Brand Hero for NewDay’s Aqua


Financial services company NewDay has a portfolio of brands to meet a range of consumer credit needs. For their Aqua credit card, LEAP have previously created life-sized models, vinyl displays and printed brand collateral of their brand hero character. NewDay found that they also needed a collection of animated brand heroes to incorporate the character into digital marketing messages, customer communications and apps, so they set LEAP’s team to work.

To fulfil the brief, LEAP’s CGI animators produced a new character rig which would make it easier to animate the brand hero performing a wide range of actions. The team put the character through its paces by creating a run cycle, a somersaulting option and a stair-climbing version of the character.

The main challenge was to compress the files sizes to be small enough so that they wouldn’t hamper the speed of the app while at the same time preserving the high-quality look of the moving images. LEAP’s team was able to successfully deliver the animations within a quick turnaround time and meet the strict deadlines prior to NewDay’s launch of the Aqua App.

LEAP maintains a managed creative production studio within NewDay’s premises and augments this by providing additional services from specialist disciplines within LEAP’s integrated advertising production teams. Find out more about LEAP’s digital production partnership with NewDay and see other examples of additional special projects.

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