Creating compelling content: Animated explainer videos for Intertrust Group

Intertrust Group provides specialised administration services to clients within the finance sector, with a focus on bespoke corporate, fund, capital market and private wealth services operating around the world. Following their acquisition by CSC, the world’s leading provider of business, legal, tax, and digital brand services, Intertrust Group wanted to show prospective clients that they would benefit from the new partnership and encourage them to contact an experienced member of the Intertrust Group team. To deliver this message, the Creative Brand Manager commissioned LEAP to create a series of three animated explainer videos which would be published at monthly intervals.

Production Workflow

The production workflow involved many stages, all expertly overseen by LEAP’s Film and Post producers. To start the process, the Intertrust Group marketing team supplied three scripts to LEAP’s production team: ‘Accelerate the possible’, ‘Navigate the complexity’ and ‘Unleash the potential’.


The first phase was to create a visual representation of the scripts’ text in the form of storyboards. Taking inspiration from the Creative Brand Manager’s sketches of moving circle motifs, a LEAP Art Director created a look and feel that would convey key messages and allow each of the stories to unfold. Each video would need to be effective when played on its own, feel coherent as a series and reflect the style of the Intertrust Group’s brand.

This process involved the development of iconography for key themes including change, growth, pressure, complexity, recruitment challenges, regulatory scrutiny, international reach, connectivity and a call to action. Referencing the swirling multicoloured ribbon shape within the brand’s spherical logo, our art director selected a colour ombré and accent shades for each script.


The audio production phase ran concurrently with the storyboarding process. LEAP’s producers took care of casting and recording an American voiceover artist whose delivery style was in keeping with the brand’s tone of voice as depicted in previous videos. As well as communicating the brand’s messaging to their target audience, the audio would also determine the timings of the animation used to illustrate and drive home that message.

Our producers also conducted music research and licensing to enable the client to select a bright soundtrack to accompany the voiceover.


With storyboards approved and voiceovers recorded, our motion graphics animators set to work adding movement to the key visuals so that they would work in harmony with the audio. Over the next few weeks, they combined the iconography of the Illustrator files with an animation style that suggested that the animations had taken on a life of their own.

Finishing and Deliverables

Once the client was happy that the animation communicated the scripts’ messages effectively, our audio engineer designed sound effects to further enhance the movement and worked in our sound studio to finalise the mix of all the audio elements.

To maximise accessibility, we then created versions with added audio captions. And, to facilitate use by their parent company, we created captioned and clean versions with CSC’s brand colours, logos, taglines and voiceover script variations.


Shortly following announcements of CSC’s acquisition of Intertrust Group, the first animated explainer video launched on LinkedIn and the Intertrust Group website. Delivering a forward-thinking message to their target audiences of fund managers and other LinkedIn followers (extending to more than one hundred thousand users), ‘Accelerate the possible’ achieved enthusiastic levels of engagement. The second and third explainer videos, ‘Navigate the complexity’ and ‘Unleash the potential’, followed in consecutive months; each of these also achieved high positive engagement levels.

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