AI doesn’t need to be a LEAP in the dark

We’re constantly reviewing how new technological innovations are impacting our sector, and what opportunities (and challenges) they bring to the party. AI for example, arguably the biggest, most topical, and potentially revolutionary development in advertising and marketing for a generation.

Our AI Workshop

We invited friend of LEAP and industry expert Daniel Rawles to host a workshop, where he discussed how AI can be both a powerful ally with the correct use, and a potential foe when open to misuse. Below are the key takeaways we had from the insightful presentation.

Create tailor-made presentations – in minutes

Key in the right prompts, choose the most appropriate template and you can create professional-looking presentations – often in minutes. The developers suggest that ‘no design skills are required’, but we believe it’s important to keep a watchful eye on what’s right for your brand.

Rapid, almost boundaryless image creation.

Arguably the most impressive of the AI capabilities for the advertising and marketing sector.We’re embracing this innovation, but in the knowledge that this tech doesn’t yet replace human creativity -because we need to teach it.


Language-based content generators – for all applications

Innovations such as GPT-4 have shown us the potential of OpenAI to create language-based content for all types of applications. And whilst it’s true that this technology will improve in accuracy, it cannot be denied that it is also the most open to misuse – even abuse!

Web and app development – now more than DIY

DIY websites and app designs are not new. What is different is being able to upload references that inspire you and have AI generate the designs. We like this at LEAP, but we’re mindful that successful websites are more than how they look. Purposeful functionality and human centric UX are arguably more important.

AI video and editing.

Impressive, but approach with care With the rapid growth of video driving online content comes the demand for AI tools to raise their game to meet the demands of the more commercially brand conscious. At LEAP we’ve seen some interesting results, but we’re also aware that much of the imagery is ‘made-up’, so imposing brand controls is vital.

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