Activating ‘London, without Limits’ for Vorboss

A campaign to disrupt the telecoms industry and challenge its behemoth

For three years, internet service provider Vorboss was quietly transforming London’s infrastructure by installing state-of the-art fibre optic cables under the streets of London. While the longstanding UK market leader offered 1 to 10 Gbps lines and other ISPs merely resold access through the same network, Vorboss entered the B2B telecoms space delivering customers at least 10 Gbps, a speed that starts where most other ISPs top out.

Given the complexity, urgency and importance of the Vorboss campaign launch, LEAP’s extensive expertise in delivering multiple assets for multi-platform campaigns made us the ideal creative production partner.

Upskill your infrastructure Vorboss DOOH advertising in Liverpool Street Station Vs forming into twisting fibre optic cables

Paving the way for a ‘London, without Limits’

The omnichannel campaign ‘London, without Limits’ was the brainchild of Vorboss’ creative agency, San Francisco-based West Venture Studio. It was developed with a high ambition – to carve out Vorboss’ challenger position in the telecoms space. It sought to distribute on DOOH screens and surfaces across key London (zone 1 and 2) transport hubs, as a series of ads in national newspaper and specialist magazine publications as well as via tens of thousands of direct mail inserts and envelopes, site-specific decals, plus commercial vehicle livery for their fleet of installation and staff welfare vans and on taxicab ad spaces.

Vorboss print decal OOH and DOOH ads. Transport station domination

The expertise of LEAP’s specialist digital department was essential to animate and deliver, precisely matching the technical specs of DOOH screens in old and new tube stations, allowing the ads to appear to be in continuous movement. Coinciding with each transport station domination, our print production teams produced location-focused direct mail collateral from our in-house Woolwich printworks. With each specialist production requirement all within our group’s capabilities, we could control every area of this fully integrated campaign.

Partnerships across the pond

As an agency that is no stranger to working with multiple stakeholders, even across different time zones, our integrated production teams led the project through a collaborative and iterative process. We used the time zone differences to our advantage, gaining an eight-hour lead time for our London teams to deliver work for US West Coast morning sign-offs.

We worked with the brand’s marketing team, the creative studio as well as the media agency to ensure the project was delivered on-time and on-budget, ready for the rolling weekly schedule of required deliverables.

Kirstie Lane, Head of Marketing at Vorboss said,

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at LEAP. The project ran very smoothly, and the team went above and beyond to ensure the campaign was a success.

Although the campaign is still live, early results indicate positive results.

LEAP’s 30+ years of experience creating, adapting and delivering for these formats was vital to a successful campaign rollout. Our in-depth knowledge of adapting advertising layouts helped to deliver the dynamic campaign across digital out of home, press and print.

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